Defenders eye view of West Fargo’s Tyler Roehl.

Roehl smashes through Fargo South in the 2002 N.D. High School playoffs.

Roehl points to the heavens to salute his grandfather after scoring against Fargo North, September 2003.

Roehl leaves Central Michigan defenders in his wake, September 2007.

Stephen F. Austin proved no match for T-Roehl, September 2007.

West Fargo’s Tyler Roehl was invited to attend Minnesota Vikings mini-camp after the 2010 NFL draft. I have photographed hundreds of kids in my 25 years of covering the West Fargo Packers and he is the top on my list. He brought the "Thunder" to Packer Field on Friday nights and provided fans with many special memories. Tyler is the real deal, a great athlete and person. Bison fans got to find out what we in West Fargo knew all along, good luck in Minneapolis.


2 thoughts on “T-Roehl’in

  1. I didn’t have enough space to write about all of the things he did. Here’s hoping Vikings’ camp goes better than Seattle.

  2. Thanks for the memories Dave-you are an talented photographer! Tyler, good luck in the cities; we are cheering for YOU!!!

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